Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Wolves of Stalin - Literally and Metalically

"(British Ambasador to the Soviet Union, Lord) Beaverbrook observed the Soviet leader carefully, even noting that his doodling habit included 'drawing numberless pictures of wolves on paper and filled the background with red pencil."
- Andrew Nagorski in The Greatest Battle: Stalin, Hitler, and the Desperate Struggle for Moscow that Changed the Course of World War II pg. 165, 2007.

"Hiding in the forest
"Or villages nearby
Like the pack they are prowling
And only hunt at night
Lying in the slush
Buried deep in snow
Always facing death
Ready for the blow

Marching, creeping, waiting,
Snipers in the trees
Aiming, shooting, killing
These wolves will have their feast"

Hail of Bullets, "Red Wolves of Stalin", 2008.

The above two concepts are very facinating, since the iconography of wolves with polticial movements often move towards fascist elements. One possible though coincidental explaination is the Adolf in Adolf Hitler means wolf. However, the eagle was and remains a far more popular choice in fascist but also Roman and other historic iconography. Additionally, if we look through Metal-Archives for wolves as the subject matter there's only one band who deliberately have wolves and national socialism as their main themes, Slovakia's Freezing Moon. Other instances include the "Wolves, Nature, Winter, Anti-Satan" lyrical themes of Italian band Shadowolf

Getting back to politics, we find white power terrorist organizations in the UK who have been tied to the Serbian paramilitary group, White Wolves who had a hand in the London Neo-nazi terror bombings of 1999.

Additionally, this article discusses the "cult of the wolf among ancient Slavs - particularily in Serbia.

Going back to the eagle symbol, this Serbian "Rock Against Communism" (R.A.C.)/Hate-Core band , Revolt Bbg -Likely short for Belgrade, makes use of the avian-predator as white power icon. However, oddly, they used a very American looking bald eagle An ironic choice considering the anti-American ideology of fascist European movements.

A separate but related point, I think that there needs should be a study done upon wolf populations. That is, do the "white wolves of Serbian" really care about the black wolves of Bosnia? Wouldn't they just compete for food, howl and fight for mates as usual? Though, they can see in shades of black, white and grey but there seems to be no evidence of them attacking another wolf based on color.

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