Saturday, May 16, 2009

So far away-eee from making sense

Demoniac was a New Zealand black metal band between 1993-99, 3 members of which went onto power metal wankers and walking Guitar Hero adverts, Dragonforce. Among Demoniac's claims to fame were songs such as “Niggerslut” and "Hatred is Purity" with the lines:
Aliens invade this place, white man stand up for your race
Be proud of your heritage, strong will, all through the ages
Angered but still with pride, show true feelings with nothing to hide

Yet a poorly concocted "Metal Unity" tune hailing German Metal bands called "Myths of Metal" (from 1999's "The Fire And The Wind") was what got them in trouble. "Myths of Metal" features the line "Hitler Metal! Sieg Hail!" Vocalist Demoniac explained this by saying:
(I'm) greatly influenced by the whole German Metal scene, some of our favourities (sic) band being Running Wild, Sodom, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Helloween and Gamma Ray. We exist because of all the great bands. When we wrote the song it reminded us of great German Speed Metal, so we named the song, ‘Myths of Metal’ with the chorus 'Hitler Metal' meaning aggressive German Metal and ‘Sieg heil’ meaning hail victory and hail German Metal. We thought it would be okay because similar bands have had similar lyrics, such as Motorhead with ‘Iron Fist’ and Slayer with ‘Angel of Death’.

With a band make up that’s Asian (guitarist Herman “Shred” Li) and Moari (ingidenous New Zealander) Sam Totman aka: Heimdall. They stated in a Terrorizer interview that “we are neither racist nor associate with any Nazi groups.” The Terrorizer piece also mentions: ‘The Fire and the Wind’ is now on Osmose Productions and is available from all fine Metal retailers. Except German ones.” So maybe Demoniac's greatest crime wasn't their "maybe they are/maybe they're not really white power" lyrics rather their cinder-block smart song titles and lyrics?

Much of this comes from the article “Demoniac Offend Germans”, Terrorizer, Issue 70, 1999

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I decided to split my two blogs. This one is going to be focused on the intersections and non-intersections between Extreme and Underground Music as well as other forms of music and Extreme Politics. Basically anything from National Socialist Black Metal to Bowie's This is an extension of the paper I presented at last year's "Music, Metal and Politics" conference. The paper is posted at the bottom right of this page.

Here's the inspiration for the blog name albeit it's not overtly political it is a great metaphor for many things in life. However, being a big Darkthrone fan and a fan of Fenriz interviews, this made a lot of sense to me.

"The “break the chains!” is fantastic. It was the total message of the ’80s or even the late ’70s hard rock from Germany. It was always about ‘break the chains’ and ‘free yourself."
- Fenriz of Darkthrone from Deciblog interview