Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nasty Ronnie saw the financial future in 2004!

"whatever happened
to my 401 K?
a costly state
no fixed return
that's the plan
the betrayal system"

Also, here's some appropriate lines earlier in the tune for the news I got today when I found out my temp gig just bit the dust:

"Work that job
to earn
your pay
40 hours
another week
the rush
to get there
every day
to punch the clock
ticking away
your late my friend
one more time
and not again
12 months
another year
you have fallen
the system"

Both from "Betrayal System" via "Psycho Psycho" by Nasty Savage.

I'm not saying I'd go to this guy first for financial advice:

...but I'm just sayin' he'd be a LOT cooler to work with than this tosswad:

Stein, you can have all the money & fame you want BUT were you EVER part of something THIS awesome & legendary?