Saturday, November 5, 2016

Back from the Dead 

I decided to revise this blog as in the last two years I've been thinking and re-thinking about politics. For starters, I was just looking at some posts I made by in 2011 and I had a quote from Christopher Hitchens re: religion. At the time I was watching a ton of his interviews, debates and lectures. I'm not even sure why I was obsesso about him but at this stage the only thing I really like about him is his obit on Jerry Faldwell and his writings on the famous walking corpse and war criminal Henry Kissinger. Over time, I just couldn't deal with his gross Islamaphobic rants along with his support with the neo-cons during Gulf War II*

Also, if you wanna read a fucking enziguri of a critique - check out Dan O' Sullivan (aka: Gen. Ghandi's) take on the legacy of Hitchens

The problem with that "capital A" atheism was the rampant asshole part of it. Namely Sam Harris' excrementally awful endorsement of European fascists Islamaphobia.  "The people who speak most sensibly about the threat that Islam poses to Europe are actually fascists." The doofus "smart scientist guy" Richard Dawkins is just as bad and has attempted to prove how intellectual he is by saying things such as:
I've seen a dog & bitch indulging in full 69. Males of many species including Drosophila lick female genitals before copulation.
(from 'ol Dicky Dawk's own Twitter)

Wow! Professor, do tell us more. No, on 2nd thought just don't! Moreso, this "intellectual titan" as Andrew Brown wrote in the Spectator: "The website suggests that donations of up to $500,000 a year will be accepted for the privilege of eating with him once a year: at this level of contribution you become a member of something called ‘The Magic of Reality Circle’. I don’t think any irony is intended." Well, someone really needs more honeyjars.

Overall, the idea of religion might not be the thing to get me through everyday life. But I understand it is important for a lot of people and it's not really getting every step of my way. Although, it's not what's getting in my way of making a living or having a life. Capitalism and Silicon Valley's Tech-Dystopia cult however, is. And while I'm at it - fuck you blood sucking techno vampire, Peter Thiel

I also feel the need to revise this because I've had so much of this shit on my mind and I interact with it everyday on Twitter. Plus, it's important to revise my positions as the last time I really engaged with political writing I was pretty much a Daily Show watching, goofy liberal Democrat. Whereas, now I'm way on left and the Daily Show/Colbert/Bill Maher/Crooks and Liars nexus does nothing for me. Instead, I'm a supporter and fan of podcasts like Street Fight Radio and Chapo Trap House both of whom have a dramatic impact on my thinking as has much their as well as many others analyses via Twitter many of whom I plan on discussing further. It also helps a lot that all these people have great senses of humor and often share many overlapping interests. 

This type of leftism I'm at now is a mix of communism, socialism, and anarcho-syndicalism. What's trippy is I'm now connecting with a lot of people across the country and the world who share these ideas and DON'T buy into the kayfabe of Republican and Democrats (to use a fantastic phrase that Brett and Bryan of Street Fight Radio have often said). In summary, a LOT about the US Election in 2016 made me stay to these positions and not support neither garbage party. Both want war, both want the surveillance state, both want Wall St. & technocracy to rule my life. One does it with an iron fist ** and the other does it with condescending pop culture bullshit

Anyway, I'm gonna write more next time about how I got to my current ideas/ideals in my next post and my political history: the good, the bad, and naive. 

* I "sequel" the Gulf Wars movie-style as I'm old enough to have been aware of the 1st Gulf War and it being the first 24-hour news cycle/cable TV war. The Highway of Death, burning oil fields and incubator killers propaganda back then out did any notions of "cool" trading cards, Super Bowl "rah-rah", or Wayne & Garth talking about it  It was a short war granted but a fucking depressing as hell one. I'll have much more on my experience with this time soon. 
** Not the hella cool Motörhead kind

Written under the influence of: "Litourgiya" by Batushka, vodka, chai tea & $2 PBR.