Monday, February 14, 2011

Ready for the Stuffocalypse?

Guardian UK columnist and super-witty TV host/presenter, Charlie Brooker wrote a great article about the daunting amount of stuff he's been dealing with and simulatenously not dealing with.

I can certainly relate to this keeping up with Jones mentality as much as I try to avoid it, it's extremely difficult to avoid. I get on music forums and there's so much emphasis on the 6,500,000 bands I still don't know about - the great, the medicore and the plain awful ones - much less do I need to get every limited edition or even bother downloading this that or the other album in a lot of cases. Both cases only end up taking up space if not harddirve space (which means it's it's somewhere in some file path that goes down about 17 places or buried in 5 days worth of iTunes detirus which you claim is "all great" except for that 25% of "wacky" novelty tunes you'll someday play for your friends). The other is physical space which is more obvious but you know when you've have way too much when it looks like this lady's place:

Is there a difference between this lady's obsession and someone having Bathory yellow goat & original Misfits 7"s? Discuss...