Sunday, July 26, 2009

Countess Crassory

I don't have too much to say about the blithering idiocy of Sarah Palin and her equally pathetic supporters. However, as I told a friend the other night, letting someone as ignorant (and proud of her massive ignorance) and ill-fitting as her take a job of vice-President or (Odin help us) President is equivalent to calling up a baseball player hitting .200 up to the majors. Sure, he's played the game but he doesn't know how to hit off 80% of the pitchers he faces. As for the "mean spirited, sexist comments" about Palin and her dopey family, it's really no different from the comments that Hillary Clinton (who I think is a slightly less noxious but all too often corporate tool) or really any other female politician in the public eye has received. Didn't the Brits call Thatcher a slag or a cunt? Probably likely. Although, I prefer the works of British anarcho-punk instead of obnoxious Trotskyist wankers

So maybe calling Palin a "cunt" isn't too nice. Although a lady friend of mine called her that and really it's calling Palin, the politician, the opportunist, evolution denying, wolf hunting from a helicopter, right wing Christian/exorcist believin' individual a cunt and NOT all women. The best thing for Palin to be is to go down in history like John Anderson and be a footnote of history - better yet a tiny one. And hell, why is ANYONE giving Palin more than 15 seconds of coverage on the news in the middle of 2009?
SF-Exorcist & Thee Plague of Palin

"Unleashed men of sin
Hatred hell within
Sinners hate will die
The Exorcist" - Possessed, 1985

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